For persons of twelve years and above

Films classified ‘12’ contain material that is not generally suitable for children aged under 12. In the case of cinemas, parents or guardians shall accompany their children.

A film classified as “12” must, in the judgment of the Board, meet the following criteria:

Theme – The film may contain mature themes but is suitable for teenagers above 12 years of age, and shall not gratuitously promote or encourage any dangerous, violent, discriminatory, or otherwise offensive behavior or attitude.

Language – The film may contain moderate swear words and menacing language consistent with the context of the scene in which they are employed. The use of infrequent and non-vulgar sexually-derived or suggestive expletives and expressions shall be allowed. The use of sexually-oriented or suggestive language and other references to sex shall always be suitable for viewers who are at least 12 years of age.

Nudity – The film may contain brief, discreet and justifiable occasional, natural and sexually-oriented nudity.

Sex – Discreet, infrequent, brief, non-graphic and justifiable sexual activity may be depicted.

Violence – Infrequent, non-gratuitous, non-graphic and justifiable violence may be allowed.

Horror – Discreet and justifiable depiction of horror, frightening scenes, and occasional gore are allowed.

Drugs – Brief, infrequent and justifiable depiction of drugs or their use may be allowed. The content shall not in any case promote, condone, justify and/or encourage drug use.

Shall not contain inappropriate cultural or immoral tendencies that contradicts national aspirations, and alien cultural practices that are not acceptable within our society

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